Girl’s Day’s Minah Reveals Which Rookie Girl Groups Have Caught Her Eye

Girl’s Day’s Minah, who recently wrapped up her drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” on July 17, sat down to talk with reporters about the many rookie girl groups who have come out in the music scene.

Minah impressed viewers once again with her acting as the titular character for the KBS weekend drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.” She bravely threw away her image as a girl group member and took on the role wholeheartedly, which resulted in many people saying it was the role of her lifetime.

When asked what she thought about the girl groups who have been debuting in the music industry, she answers, “First off, it’s good to see how hard they are working.”

She continues, “When I see them, I think to myself, ‘We were like that before too.’ Of course, Girl’s Day is working hard now too but there’s something different about a rookie girl group and a girl group who has been in the industry for almost seven years. Different from the rookie groups who just work looking straight ahead, I think we’ve developed our own tricks of the trade.”

She was then asked which girl groups have caught her eye recently and she replies, “There’s a lot of groups who are pretty and are doing well. But the ones who have caught my eye recently are TWICE and I.O.I. There was also a time when our promotions overlapped with LABOUM and I thought that they reminded me a lot of us from before.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Girl’s Day is preparing to make a comeback this fall.

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