Girl’s Day’s Minah Shares What She’s Learned From Co-Star Namgoong Min

After her successful turn as the titular character of the SBS weekend drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim,” which concluded on July 17, Girl’s Day member Minah reflected on the drama and her relationship with co-star Namgoong Min.

Minah had frequently mentioned before about how Namgoong Min had taught her many things and when asked to elaborate, she answers, “Namgoong Min oppa has already been a veteran of the acting industry for twenty years. Starting from technical aspects to a lot of other facets, he has taught me many things. Those things were a big help to me as I acted. And he doesn’t just teach it to me unilaterally; he helps me to figure it out on my own. That’s what I liked the most.”

Continuing, she says, “I will probably never forget this role. The biggest aspect that I’ve gained from this drama was hopefully that people now think, ‘Girl’s Day’s Minah can act after all,’” as she showed her affection for the drama.

Start watching “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” below if you haven’t yet!

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