9MUSES’s Kyungri Opens Up About Her Back-Up Dancer Past

9MUSES Kyungri recently revealed her past on a recent episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On the episode, Kyungri talks about the truth about being an unknown back-up dancer and her passionate dancer days.


Kyungri shares that she was a back-up dancer for Chaeyeon’s popular song “Look Look Look,” surprising all of the panelists on the show.


Back then, Kyungri was in her early 20s but was known for being a skilled dancer on music broadcasts. “I was not only a back up dancer for Chaeyeon, but also for Park Mi Hyung and Kim Gun Mo sunbaenim,” she says.


In order to build up her experiences, Kyungri worked hard and danced for many other famous singers prior to debuting as a member of 9MUSES.

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