Epik High Waits In Line For Shake Shack And They’re Basically Dying

Their expressions say all.

It’s unbearably hot in Korea right now with the temperature staying a toasty 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above (32 degrees Celsius), but that is not stopping thousands of Koreans from standing in hour-long lines for a taste of Shake Shack, a U.S. premium burger franchise opening its first store in South Korea. It’s incredibly popular, and it’s incredibly hard to obtain.

It’s no different in Japan, as Epik High’s Tablo recent series of tweets in Korean detailing the group’s quest for a Shake Shack burger in Japan will tell you. His tweets spoke to many of their fans and anyone else who has had the experience of waiting in hour-long lines for something that can be consumed in under ten minutes.

Tablo first tweet says, “We heard there was a Shake Shack so we came running after the rehearsal but again…a line…,” and shows a picture of the three members on line in front of Shake Shake, taking cover in the shade of the building.

The second tweet is a close-up of the three members, which gives us a hilarious look of Tablo’s and DJ Tukutz’s face, which say all that needs to be said about how they feel at that moment, being told that they have to wait in line for a hour.

Tablo’s third tweet is a video, which shows them greeting fans who approached them, who tell that the food is good. Tablo wants to cry because you know….that doesn’t help with the waiting.

His forth tweet is a bit more positive, as he tells us that he met people who came from the Korean city of Daegu so they’re energized waiting together.

The fifth tweet is simply “Happiness =” and a video of the members almost at the end of the line….

Except the sixth tweet says, “Ah…so we have to wait a very, very, very long time after ordering…”

The seventh tweet is another simple tweet with the caption “Waiting…” and a video of the members sitting at their table with the mustard, ketchup, and forks ready for their food. Someone is tapping their fingers impatiently.

Five hours later, Tablo tweets again, writing, “What is this? After we finished our performance, I received so many messages asking if we ate the Shake Shack.”

So was it worth it, Epik High?

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