Watch: Jota Shocks Kim Jin Kyung During Staring Contest On “We Got Married”

On August 6’s episode of “We Got Married,” MADTOWN’s Jota shows that he’s clearly gotten over some of his shyness around his virtual wife, model Kim Jin Kyung!

Jota and Kim Jin Kyung start off the day together in their newlywed home, and Jota surprises her by suddenly using lots of cheesy lines. While the pair are baking cookies in their kitchen for their neighbors, Kim Jin Kyung asks Jota if he likes sweet things. “I don’t really. I just like you,” replies Jota with a smile, and Kim Jin Kyung freezes for a moment with a big grin on her face before she jokes that she’s giving him a warning.

we got married 1

Kim Jin Kyung then passes Jota some cookie cutters, and says, “Do the heart first.” Jota smiles and makes a heart with his fingers for her instead, and Kim Jin Kyung laughs at his sudden cheesiness.

we got married 2

Jota explains that he’s trying to be a bit more relaxed with her now, so Kim Jin Kyung suggests they try a staring contest. Although at first Jota breaks out into shy laughter when he meets her eyes, he seems to get a burst of confidence because he starts stepping forward to get closer to her.

kim jin kyung jota 2

Kim Jin Kyung is shocked and backs up into the wall behind them with a surprised smile, trying not to break eye contact as he gets closer and closer.

Eventually Kim Jin Kyung slips down the wall and can’t keep contact, closing her eyes and losing. She then accuses him of cheating, and Jota laughs and explains, “The rules just say I can’t close my eyes!” as he comes closer to her again.

Kim Jin Kyung can’t stand it, and starts saying to herself, “It’s hot in here!” before sticking her head in the fridge.

Watch her cute reaction to Jota’s forwardness in the scene below!

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