Kim Junsu Responds To Ryu Jun Yeol Singing One Of His Songs On Live Broadcast

And the bromantic back and forth between actor Ryu Jun Yeol and singer Kim Junsu continues!

On August 6, C-JeS Entertainment released via Naver V LIVE a video featuring Kim Junsu explaining the various titles that he has been given and the keywords associated with his name.

Kim Junsu also has a chance to choose which title he’d rather have, “Vocal King” or “Dance King,” and he chooses “Dance King.”

“A lot of people already know me for my vocals, so as for the new keyword I’d want [associated with my name], I’d prefer ‘Dance King,'” Kim Junsu explains.

The singer also respond to his label mate Ryu Jun Yeol’s recent V LIVE broadcast in which he sang one of Kim Junsu’s songs. “He’s a true actor, so I don’t think the song’s melody or pitch is important. I felt the sincerity in his delivery of the lyrics,” Kim Junsu.

He adds, “I love you Ryu Jun Yeol,” making a heart with his hands.

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