Kim Jae Dong Speaks Up About Allegedly Ignoring His Blind Date

Comedian Kim Jae Dong explains his behavior during a blind date on the new SBS variety show “Ugly Duckling.”

During the August 7 broadcast of JTBC’s “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk to You,” the comedian responds to criticisms from a fan about his blind date on the SBS program.

The fan points out, “Why did you focus on the kids passing by during your blind date? As a fan, I’m disappointed in your actions.”

kim jae dong

Kim Jae Dong responds, “After the Sewol Ferry incident, it became my life’s goal to entertain children by not missing a word they say or buying them food.”

He continues, “I asked for the understanding of my date then, but that part was edited out of broadcast.”

Recently, Kim Jae Dong has received criticisms for his actions in “Ugly Duckling,” where he constantly conversed with children passing by the cafe where he was having a blind date with a woman.

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