Lee Jong Suk Asks Fans For Song Recommendations

Actor Lee Jong Suk took to Instagram to ask for his fans’ opinions for a fan meeting.

On August 13, the “W” star uploaded an image of him in a cozy dark sweater, seemingly hiding a smile as he partially covers his face with his hand.

팬미팅 노래 추천 좀… 뭐 듣고 싶어요? 아니.. 그냥 추천만 해보라구.. 추천만..

A photo posted by 이종석 (@jongsuk0206) on

On the caption, Lee Jong Suk wrote, “Please give me song recommendations for the fan meeting. What do you want to hear? I mean, just a recommendation,” making sure his fans’ preferences are taken into account in his preparations.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently appearing in the drama “W,” which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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