Jo In Sung Talks About Vibing With Song Joong Ki Better Than Lee Kwang Soo

Actor Jo In Sung appears as a guest on the August 16 broadcast of PowerFM radio show “Park Sun Young’s Cinetown.”

During the show, Jo In Sung talks about his friendship with actors Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo and reveals that he vibes better with Song Joong Ki than Lee Kwang Soo.

“Kwang Soo is kind but he requires a lot of attention. In that aspect, I think Song Joong Ki really gets me. He’s smart. He’s also very popular right now,” Jo In Sung says.

Jo In Sung

“To celebrate Song Joong Ki’s discharge from the military, the three of us went on vacation in Thailand. It was fun,” Jo In Sung reveals.

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