I.O.I Is Shocked By 2nd Win For “Whatta Man” On “Show Champion,” Performances By VIXX, HyunA, And More

On August 17, I.O.I’s new sub-unit grabbed the group’s second ever first place trophy on “Show Champion”!

This week’s episode was a battle of the female artist summer jams, with I.O.I’s “Whatta Man” up against BLACKPINK’s “Whistle,” GFRIEND’s “Navillera,” Oh My Girl’s “A-ing,” and HyunA’s “How’s This?” for first place. I.O.I looks absolutely shocked when they hear that they won! “We didn’t think that we’d win!” they say, and thank their agency staff, say they love their parents, and express their surprise to their fans.

Kim Chungha also encourages everyone to take a listen to “Yoo Yeonjung’s song,” which is of course Cosmic Girls’s new track “Secret,” and Kim Doyeon yells out that she loves the other four I.O.I members.

Watch their performance and win below!

Other performances this week were by VIXX, HyunA, 9MUSES A, Oh My Girl, VROMANCE, Sleepy, J-Min, Stellar, 24K, Lady Jane, BADKIZ, Gilgun, RionFive, Two X, FLASHE, and RUI. Watch them below!

VIXX – “Love Me Do”

VIXX – “Fantasy”

HyunA – “How’s This?”

9MUSES A – “Lip 2 Lip”

Oh My Girl – “A-ing”

Sleepy – “So What”

J-Min – “Ready For Your Love”

Stellar – “Cry”


24K – “Still 24K”


RionFive – “Woman of Beach”

Lady Jane – “Just 2 Days”

FLASHE – “Cutie Girl”

Two X – “Over”

Gilgun – “Not a Chance”

RUI – “Exciting”

Congrats, I.O.I!

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