G-Dragon Shows Support For CL’s Comeback Despite Controversy Surrounding Release Date

Following news that the artist behind YG Entertainment’s mysterious “Who’s Next” teaser image is CL, BIGBANG fans have taken up arms against YG.

August 19, the date of CL’s comeback, is BIGBANG’s debut anniversary date, and this year is their 10th anniversary at that, so fans were almost certain that the artist behind the teaser image would be BIGBANG.

Despite fan discontent, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon showed his support for CL’s solo comeback, posting the album work for “Lifted” on his Instagram.


A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on

CL has made solo releases in the past, but “Lifted” marks CL’s debut American single following the release of her promotional track “Hello Bitches.”

Are you looking forward to her comeback?