Jeong Jinwoon Opens Up About The Possibility of 2AM Disbanding

During a recent interview, former 2AM member Jeong Jinwoon shared his thoughts on 2AM and his relationship with the members.

When asked if he met them frequently, he laughed and replied, “I do meet them often. Last time, I was in the middle of filming for ‘Radio Star‘ so I couldn’t meet up, but the three of them met up without me. They gave me a hard time because of that. We don’t meet periodically but usually when Seulong invites me, I go out.”

The interviewer then asked if there was a chance that 2AM could have stayed together following the expiration of the contracts. “We did talk about it. But the kind of music that each of us wanted to do was different, so naturally our agencies became different,” explained Jeong Jinwoon.

When asked whether it might be possible for the group to disband, he firmly answered, “There was not even 0.1% talk of disbanding. We’re a vocal group, so wherever there’s music, we can always release an album. We have no reason to fight and we know what each other’s thoughts are.”

Jeong Jinwoon also revealed that he meets with Seulong the most and that when they get together, they like to just drink and have fun instead of having serious conversations.

Jeong Jinwoon released his maxi single “Will” in June.

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