Watch: Han Hyo Joo And Lee Jong Suk Show Off Their Closeness As She Stays Behind On “W” Set To Support Him

On August 18, MBC shared some sweet behind-the-scenes videos from their latest hit drama, “W”!

In one of the videos, lead actor Lee Jong Suk has to record some narration for episode eight, after they filmed some of the episode’s scenes. His co-star Han Hyo Joo kindly stays behind with him on set, even though she’s wrapped up filming, and sits next to him in her “Cinderella” dress at Kang Chul’s desk. Before he gets to work, the pair show off how close they are as Lee Jong Suk touches her cheeks and pats her on the head.

w 4

Lee Jong Suk seems exhausted and struggles a bit with getting the lines right, and keeps laughing at his mistakes. He eventually asks her, “Do you want to head home first?” She misunderstands and moves as if to go, saying, “Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s just that this seems like it will take all night,” he replies, showing her all the pages in the script that he has left. “I’ll wait for you!” she says cutely, and he replies, “Thank you!”

w 3

She then encourages him to hang in there, and the pair even hold hands as Lee Jong Suk tries to get back into the zone.

w 2

As he reads the heartbreaking lines, Han Hyo Joo pulls a sad face. When he’s done with one part, she says, “That was sad! I almost cried.”

“Why?” he asks her. “Because of you!” she replies with a pout.

Watch the adorable clip below!

MBC also released a clip of Han Hyo Joo hilariously trying to help Lee Jong Suk out by “disappearing” on set (in other words, quickly crouching down behind the kitchen counter) during a scene in which she’ll later be removed in post-production. However, it just ends up making him laugh in every take! Check it out below.

“W” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Watch the first episode below!