Lee Jong Suk Confirmed To Star As Villain In New Film “VIP”

Actor Lee Jong Suk was recently confirmed to appear in the movie “VIP.”

“VIP” depicts the story of a North Korean official’s son, who commits a series of murders as he travels the world, resulting in a pursuit from both Koreas as well as Interpol. Lee Jong Suk is set to star as the role of the official’s son Kwang Il, and will be transforming into a villain for the movie.

Lee Jong Suk currently stars in the popular Wednesday-Thursday drama “W” as the main character Kang Chul. The drama contains multiple genres including romance, melodrama, action and even suspense.

The actor has been known for many other popular dramas including “Pinocchio,” “Doctor Stranger,” “I Hear Your Voice,” and “School 2013.” This will be his second film since his 2014 movie, “Hot Blooded Youth,” which also stars Park Bo Young.

“VIP” will be the first role where Lee Jong Suk stars as a villain.

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