What Is Jota And Kim Jin Kyung’s Marital Compatibility According To A Fortune Teller?

It seems that Jota and Kim Jin Kyung are a perfect match!

On August 20’s episode of “We Got Married,” virtual couple Jota of MADTOWN and model Kim Jin Kyung get a visit from Kim Jin Kyung’s mother and sister. While the four of them are all sitting around chatting, her mother surprises the pair by telling them she went to a fortune teller to check their marital compatibility.

we got married 1

“What do you think it will be?” asks her mom. “It’s really shocking!” adds her sister.

we got married 3

Kim Jin Kyung guesses that it’s not bad, and her mom says, “Your relationship fortune right now is the strongest!” She then reveals that the fortune teller said that their children would also have good fortune, which makes Jota laugh shyly.

we got married 4

Kim Jin Kyung’s sister jumps in to add that it was said that if they wanted, they could have five children, and the first would be a girl!

“You’re really meant to be,” says her mother.

Watch the clip below!

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