Boy Group Member Wows With Energetic Performance And BTS Dance Cover On “King Of Masked Singer”

On August 21’s episode of “King of Masked Singer,” another set of eight contestants compete to try to take the champion title!


In this competition’s first round, one of the duets is by contestants performing under the aliases of Mobius Strip and Subtract the King. The pair take the stage to perform a cover of Hyun Jin Young’s “You In My Cloudy Memory.”

After their performance, Subtract the King keeps making the panel and audience laugh with his seemingly endless energy and funny shrugs.

For his talent portion, Subtract the King shows off his dance skills by performing to BTS’s “Dope.” One of the panelists thinks he might be 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon, and guesses Mobius Strip is FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hoon. After Subtract the King does a dance in reaction to her guess, Kangnam yells out, “Oh it really does seem like Jeong Jinwoon!”

In the end, Mobius Strip wins the round with a score of 56 to Subtract the King’s 43.

Subtract the King then performs PSY’s “Entertainer” before removing his mask to reveal that he is indeed Jeong Jinwoon!

king of masked singer 2

Jeong Jinwoon explains that he was worried that he would be too easy to guess, so he’d planned a funny shrug gesture to keep doing during his appearance to try to trip up the panel.

“I’ve been known as someone who sings ballads,” says Jeong Jinwoon in his interview. “It’s been like that for eight years now so I’ve thought it was just inevitable. But now, before it’s too late, I wanted to show the real me.”

king of masked singer 3

Watch Jeong Jinwoon’s performance, “Dope” dance, and reveal in the video below! His “Dope” dance cover begins at 1:06:33.