Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Finds It Strange To Be Competing With GFRIEND

Sunmi of Wonder Girls, who has been in the K-pop industry now nine years, shares how she feels competing with rookie groups in an interview with @Star 1 magazine.

Wonder Girls’ latest release, “Why So Lonely,” was a hit, winning numerous times on music shows and topping charts. Sunmi comments, “Music chart rankings change so fast these days so when the response [to the song was so good], I was bewildered and found it surprising. I thought the song wouldn’t last long on the charts but it kept ranking number one so amongst ourselves, the members kept saying the heavens were helping us.”

Sunmi atstar 5

Sunmi atstar 4

“Why So Lonely” often competed with GFRIEND’s “Navillera” for first place on music shows. On competing with fellow girl group GFRIEND, which debuted eight years after Wonder Girls, Sunmi says, “Is this [situation] where you use the expression ‘I am amazed by how much things have changed’? If you look at it a certain way, we are from different generations. So it felt strange to be standing on the same stage, each with good songs that are being loved by the public. As a unni to them, rather than a senior, I worry about them since they are young and it’s a crazy time for them. So I told them when I met them, ‘Always make sure to eat.'”

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Previously, Sunmi showed some love for GFRIEND when she sent an adorable message to Umji and Yerin on their birthday.