The Kiss Scene In the Rain Was A Mistake, Says Kim Rae Won Of “Doctors”

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctors” ended this week with high ratings and lead Kim Rae Won sat down with the press on August 26 KST for an interview to talk about the hit show.

Kim Rae Won wasn’t shy about showing his desire for high viewership ratings. He said, “I knew that ratings would come out well because it was airing during the Olympic season.” Typically, because viewers are already in front of the TV watching the Olympics, other non-Olympic shows see higher ratings during the Olympic season. Kim Rae Won added, “I talked over things a lot with the director, even suggesting that we combine two episodes worth of content into one episode if I felt that the story’s development felt too spread out and loose.”

Doctors kiss scene

The scene in which Kim Rae Won’s character dances and shares a kiss with Park Shin Hye’s character drew a lot of attention when it aired. Many commented that the scene was too cheesy. Kim Rae Won wasn’t shy to admit, “It was a mistake. I think the song [playing in the scene] wasn’t very good. There also wasn’t a lot of time to film.” The actors adds, “It wasn’t my fault. The director told us to believe him, but at the finale party, he confessed it was a mistake.”

Kim Rae Won also thanks the many people who cameoed in the drama, saying, “They helped us a lot.” He particularly found actor Jo Dal Hwan’s cameo role impressive, and he personally thanked him, saying, “The drama received a lot of strength because you acted so well.”

You can watch the rainy kiss scene below, at the 57:22 minute mark:

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