Watch: Jota Gets To Kiss Kim Jin Kyung As A Punishment?

Jota of MADTOWN gets a pleasant surprise when he finally loses to his wife, model Kim Jin Kyung, in a game!

On the August 27 episode of the MBC virtual marriage reality show “We Got Married,” Jota takes Kim Jin Kyung along with her mother and sister to a winery for a family trip.

After spending time at the winery, the four of them continue their trip, and go camping together. At the campsite, they decide to play a game where the winner gets to tell the loser to do anything they want.

Kim Jin Kyung, who has complained in the past that Jota never lets her win, finally beats Jota. With the power to make him do anything, she suddenly asks, “Oppa, where’s your cellphone background screen?” The background screen of Jota’s cellphone shows the model giving her “husband” a kiss on the cheek. She then says, “Oppa, when you’re ready, you can do it whenever you want,” which immediately makes him blush.

Kim Jin Kyung Jota

He kisses her on the cheek as her mom and sister look on happily.

Afterwards, Jota says, “I really liked it. That wasn’t a punishment at all. I thought she’d make me do something embarrassing but she asked for a kiss. How lucky was that?”

Kim Jin Kyung Jota1

Check out the cute scene below and don’t forget to check out the the entire episode on Viki!

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