5 Celebrities That Are Angels For Children’s Charities

Korean celebrities are constantly giving back, donating funds, volunteering to help those in need, both domestically and internationally. Thankfully, with so many good-willed samaritans, children in need are also included in the ranks of people that receive help. Here are just a few of the celebrities that have helped or started their own children’s charities.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk has proven himself to have a soft spot for children. He donated a large amount to UNICEF earlier this year. He has also taken part in a charity photoshoot for this great cause as well.


He has also partnered with the brand Jain Song in a campaign against child violence titled “PLEASE STOP.” He has not only promoted this campaign but personally helped with the design process of clothing, the proceeds of which will go to the charity “Save The Children.” He has even worn one of his shirts in “W!”

Lee Jong Suk

Hopefully we will continue to see Lee Jong Suk’s heart for children in need as time goes by!

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is another celebrity that gives to numerous charities, but her work for children and families is too much to miss.

Back in 2006, she and her fans started “The Smile Again Project” with the Gangnam Family Welfare Center to collect donations for underprivileged children that need medical procedures. It has been reported that she worked to keep the project from becoming merely a donation event, but instead an ongoing support system for the children and their families! Her work for this cause was recognized in 2014 when she became the ambassador for Operation Smile, a charity that helps pay for operations for children born with facial deformities. Since then, she has continued to do charitable endeavors to raise money for Operation Smile, and has even traveled overseas as the honorary ambassador.

Ha Ji Won’s work for children not only brings smiles to the children and their families faces; but to ours as well!


G Dragon

G-Dragon is truly an angel for any charity, constantly donating large sums of money to numerous organizations and funds over the years. However, one special story of his generosity always touches hearts.

Certain VIP members had heard about a little boy who shared the same name, Kwon Ji Yong, as the popular star. Sadly, little Kwon Ji Yong has a rare form of hypoglycemia, and his family struggled to afford his expensive medication. Sharing their love for G-Dragon, the fans donated to help this little boy, and G-Dragon himself donated a generous amount to help him as well. He was even recognized by Wings of Hope for his actions.

Their heartwarming encounter, when G-Dragon went to visit him and his family, is pictured below!

G-dragon charity

This is just one of many stories of G-Dragon’s charitable works, and it gives us the utmost respect for him to see him continuing to improve the lives of others!

Bang Yong Guk

Bang Yong Guk

Bang Yong Guk may be the tattooed and charismatic rapper leader of B.A.P, but do not let his rebellious first impression deceive you! This generous musician has one of the biggest hearts for children we have ever seen, and it’s nearly impossible to know how much he has actually done for children’s charities. He has stated that he believes that idols are not stars, but role models and icons to young kids, and we can definitely see his sincerity in all of his charity work!

He is a registered member of the organizations World Vision, Save the Children, and UNICEF, and he often suggests that other join or support these causes too. He often brings attention to these causes through his Twitter account as well. He shows pictures of letters from children he has sponsored through World Vision, and always says he would like to give more.

It seems like nothing can stop him from helping children in need, and he has even stated that he hopes to not only have children of his own, but adopt children as well! Until then, he enjoys visiting children near him. He has also been known to visit a little boy named Sunghoon who has cerebral palsy and lives at a nursery for disabled children. He even spent Christmas at an orphanage.


His charitable works do not stop there, as his influence as B.A.P’s leader has led the group to become well-known for giving to charity. Whether it’s funds from concerts, to dolls from fans (fans’ permission was asked first!), or books, the donations never seem to end, and honestly, this section could go on forever! The group has delivered funds through UNICEF, reached out to children in Korea, and wants to eventually build a school under their name.

It is only a matter of time until news of his next charitable venture comes to light; we could not be prouder of this caring angel, as he is truly making a difference!

 Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho has not stopped at just donating money to charities; he has started a fundraising platform called PROMIZ, which was awarded the Korea Good Brand Award. Together with fans, he is striving to not only raise money for good causes, but is also trying to bring about a new mentality towards giving to those in need.

Since it was established in 2014, PROMIZ has stayed true to its mission and raised money for numerous organizations, just of few of which are Holt International Children’s Service, and UNICEF. The funds donated to UNICEF were able to give 520,000 children clean drinking water, and prevent unnecessary exposure to waterborne diseases.

If this platform sounds interesting to you, watch this short promotional film that Lee Min Ho filmed for PROMIZ:

What have your favorite Korean celebrities done for charity? Let us know how they are making the world a better place in the comments!

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