“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Doubles In Ratings; “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Takes Last Place

The viewership ratings competition for KBS2’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” and SBS’ “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” showed surprising results.

“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” which premiered with 8.3 and 8.5 percent (Nielsen Korea) for its first two episodes, respectively, jumped almost two-fold with 16 percent for its third episode this week. While it placed third among its competition “Monster” and “Doctors” during its premiere week, it now sits at first.

There was much anticipation for “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” which boasts a large and good-looking cast, and with its predecessor  – “Doctors” – ending with over 20 percent for its final episode. Unfortunately, “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” is off to a slow start with 7.4 percent for its first episode, which aired at the same time as “Monster” and “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” It recorded 9.3 percent for its second episode airing right after.

“Monster” recorded 10 percent, and KBS1’s “Gayo Stage” recorded 11.5 percent.

“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” airs another episode this week – episode three – on Tuesday, 10 p.m. KST on SBS. “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” also airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS, with episode four airing this Tuesday, 10 p.m. KST. Catch the latest episode on Viki!soompi-610x130-moonlight-drawn-by-clouds

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“Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” Stays In First Place With Ratings Increase