21 Mellow And Cool K-Pop Songs To Welcome Fall

Summer in Korea is an unforgiving season – torrential rain due to monsoons, mixed with sweltering heat and humidity, means that Koreans are usually thankful for September to finally come around. They’re usually greeted with pleasantly cool weather, new fruits and vegetables (and even coffee drinks), and the most beautiful display of autumnal scenery! While we’re saying goodbye to summer and anticipating fall, here is a list of songs to help get you in the mood for all the change heading your way! Make sure to put some of these on your September playlist!

Roy Kim, “When Autumn Comes”

Why not start this list with a song titled “When Autumn Comes?” It’s a refreshing tune that describes the various things people face in the wake of autumn and Roy Kim’s wish for how he’d like to spend the season. Perhaps now’s the time to get your own autumn bucket list going.

B1A4, “Tried to Walk”

B1A4’s Baro finds himself in a dual reality between a desolate backdrop and a room covered in gorgeous flowers. This is a fun track, but also visually captures the farewell to summer and the transitioning into winter.

Akdong Musician, “Fallen Leaves”

After a long hiatus, Akdong Musician released this beautiful song describing the passing of time. Fall is also a time to celebrate the changing of the seasons of our own lives. While there’s no official music video yet, we hope you enjoy this gorgeous video an artist put to the song.

Park Hyo Shin, “Wildflower”

In what is perhaps the song that defines Park Hyo Shin’s career, “Wildflower” is an incredible song that captures the seasons, but also how the heart changes and sometimes longs to go back. Just like the seasons, love may come and go.

IU, “The Meaning of You”

After the crazy summer heat, fall often has a calming effect. IU’s vocals are just as soothing and refreshing as a cool autumn breeze.

Kyuhyun, “At Gwanghwamun”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is another artist with vocals perfect for the coolness of fall. The making of his album also includes sweet stories about him falling asleep while taking jacket pictures in piles of leaves.

Yang Yoseob, “Caffeine”

This list may be filled with many amazing vocalists who capture the beauty of fall and a cool rain or breeze, and no such list would be complete without BEAST’s Yang Yoseob. Also, one of the other great things about fall is the menu places at all your favorite cafes. Fall is the perfect time to get a warm cup of tea or a latte and sit outside in the cool weather watching the clouds and leaves overhead.

BIGBANG, “Let’s Not Fall in Love”

Another great thing about fall? The fashion, of course! Forget skimpy tank tops and short shorts; sweater weather is where it’s at. This is the time of year when idols and actors break out their latest long-sleeved fashions and chic coats for the new year. A group that always looks good bundled up in cozy-looking clothes? BIGBANG. It’s not often that this group releases a relaxing-sounding song, but the vocals are crisp as fall leaves, and GD sure looks good in his sweater.

10cm, “Americano”

Fall is also – *sob* – time for school to start again. 10cm perhaps has the most iconic and cynical song representing the plight of the student… well, university student. Fall isn’t all leaf-peeping and sipping lattes. Sometimes, it’s also about trying to catch that special someone while drinking cheap coffee and lamenting over the price of food when you still have tuition to pay. This one is definitely one for the broke students.

Younha, “Not There”

Younha’s vocals seem to only improve as she ages, along with her songwriting abilities. “Not There” is a sad song about a breakup, but Younha’s vocals are as uplifting as always, and the combination with violin and her piano-playing mix well to match the feeling of the cool feel of a fall day.

iKON, “Airplane”

As we say goodbye to summer, sometimes we also must say goodbye to people in our lives, whether it’s that summer romance or a good friend who is moving on. Goodbyes can be hard and it can be just as hard not to chase down an airplane to avoid them.

One Way, “Rainy Days”

The rain in Korea likes to keep up throughout fall sometimes, and it’s on those rainy days that can give us time to think or remember. One Way’s “Rainy Days” has a mix of voices befitting the mixed colors of fall, with the sound of rain falling at the beginning. It’s a wonderful track from the famous producers.

Naul, “Memory of the Wind”

It’s impossible to make a playlist about fall without “Memory of the Wind.” While the video may break a few hearts or have viewers shedding a few tears, it’s iconic for a reason. Enjoy the beautifully written lyrics about change and memories, just as beautifully sung by Naul.

Lim Kim, “Say Love” (acoustic)

Lim Kim has a voice texture all her own, and while we wait for her to find a new home, she’s left us with some great songs in the meantime. The acoustic version of this song matches her voice even more.

Kim Sunggyu, “60 Seconds”

Another artist with a song that goes well with fall is INFINITE’s Kim Sung Kyu. He also manages to capture the connection between time and change in a new way in “60 Seconds.” It’s an enjoyable solo debut with an accompanying video with charming scenes and a fall feel.

Clazziquai Project, “Call Me Back”

We continue our list with another group that embodies the calming sounds of the seasons. The video also features fall colors flying around like leaves. Perhaps another title to this list could be “coffee shop songs,” with the kind of songs that make it easy to sit back and relax with a cup of joe.

K.Will, “You Don’t Know Love”

Summer loves are supposed to be filled with fire and passion… isn’t that how all the sayings go? But when all that heat dissipates, what’s left? K.Will explores a relationship where the passion seems to have fizzled and it’s a matter of figuring out where to go next. Just because the fire is gone, does that mean the love is gone too?

Gary, “Get Some Air”

Gary is having a rough day. He’s feeling a little lonely. So he gets in his car, goes for a drive, and thinks about the girl he lost and how he’s moving on. He’s caught in the change, feeling the ups and downs. Fall has plenty of great things to offer, so don’t let yourself be caught too.

Zion.T, “No Make Up”

It’s almost been a year since Zion.T released this feel-good track. It’s time to bring it back, because Zion.T represents all things smooth. Clouds in the sky, falling leaves, the steam from a cup of coffee, the breeze sweeping through your jacket, Zion.T’s voice… smooth as silk.

Soyou & Kwan Jeong Yeol, “Lean On Me”

What is fall without the queen of duets? Hopefully, no matter what life throws your way, you have someone to lean on. When you try to take a breath but only sigh, take a break with someone who understands.

Oh My Girl, “Closer”

Time to finish this list. Oh My Girl’s “Closer” is a visual spectacle with plenty of symbolism and allusions to famous fairytales. Not only did the girls meld their voices beautifully, but the aesthetics of the video are like a fantasy-themed painting.

What songs make you think of fall? What voices capture all the iconic sounds of the season to you? Are there songs or videos that make you think of your favorite things about the season? Let us know in the comments below!

heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea, and when she isn’t waiting in line for something, can be found drinking a latte.

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