HyunA Talks About Pressure To Be Sexy 24/7

On August 30, duo Rooftop Moonlight are featured as guests on MBCEvery1’s “Hyuna’s X19,” a show where singer HyunA is the talk host.

When asked what their impression of HyunA was before they got to know her, Rooftop Moonlight responds, “Seemed like she would go out a lot and know a lot of people. We also thought that she could be cold.”

HyunA responds, “I guess I do give off a cold demeanor. But I don’t necessarily want to give an explanation for that perception because I like women being seen as women.”

HyunA adds, “I wear sexy outfits and perform songs that I’ve practiced for three months on stage, but I get taken aback when they tell me to pull off a sexy face on variety shows. Then it feels like I have to be sexy 24/7.”

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