New K-Pop Idol Boy Group MYTEEN To Debut In 2017

Are you ready for a new K-pop idol group? Boy band MYTEEN is set to debut next year, giving you even more talent to stan (and names to memorize).

Solo artist and former contestant of Mnet’s “Superstar K6” Song Yu Vin will be a member of the group and he has previously revealed that “the concept is of a boy group that is bright and full of energy.” MYTEEN is an amalgamation of “My” and “Teenager.”

The group is produced by the agency Music Works, which also houses Baek Ji Young and Minzy, among others. The average age of the group is 19.4 and has seven members – Song Yu Vin, Shin Jun Seob, Sewoong, Hanseul, Eunsoo, Siheon, and Chunjin.

Before its official debut, the group met the public through Baek Ji Young’s “Andante” concert in Busan. As the concert’s opening stage, MYTEEN performed “어마어마하게,” which means “colossal,” and the song is expected to be in their debut album. The group also performed a cover of Super Junior’s “Happiness.”

The group will continue to perform in front of the public before debut, with various busking performances planned for different cities in Korea.

MYTEEN at Baek Ji Young's Concert MYTEEN at Baek Ji Young's Concert

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