Heo Young Ji Says She Received A Drunken Proposal From An “Oh Hae Young Again” Cast Member?

On the September 1 episode of KBS 2TV program “Happy Together 3,” Heo Young Ji and Huh Jung Min appear as guests.

While on the show, Heo Young Ji, who appeared in “Oh Hae Young Again” with Huh Jung Min, spills the beans on an incident involving the both of them that happened at an “Oh Hae Young Again” staff dinner.

Heo Young Ji reveals, “During the staff dinner, [Huh Jung Min] oppa after drinking alcohol got up in front of everyone and confessed that he likes me.”

“He told me, ‘I’ve got money that I’ve saved up,’ and things like that,” Heo Young Ji says.

Heo Young Ji 3

Huh Jung Min reacts with shock and says he doesn’t remember. “I said that I’ve saved up money?”

Heo Young Ji responds, “Yea, you said ‘Oppa has saved up about 30 million won (approximately $26,900 USD).”

Huh Jung Min face palms in response, and Heo Young Ji adds, “And Eric oppa and everyone else told me to say yes to him.”

“I said, ‘I don’t want to,'” Heo Young Ji reveals. “And [Huh Jung Min] said he’ll act as if he forgot tomorrow.”

Heo Young Ji

You can catch the full episode featuring Heo Young Ji and Huh Jung Min on Viki below!

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