9 Idol Groups With Large Age Gaps

The path to become an idol is never straightforward. While some idols may jump into the business and debut in their early teens, still others will train with their agency for years and debut in their twenties. In many cases, you can find both situations within the same idol group! In no particular order, here are nine idol groups with surprisingly large age gaps. These members probably all look similar in age, but the truth is a different story!


Victoria: February 2, 1987
Krystal: October 24, 1994

Oldest member Victoria debuted at age 22 seven years ago, while youngest member Krystal was only 14! Can you believe how much we’ve been able to witness them grow?


Yongguk: March 31, 1990
Zelo: October 15, 1996

Yongguk and Zelo actually have a seven-year age gap between them, but have shown age is just a number when it comes to teamwork. The two actually have a sub-unit called Bang&Zelo.


Bom: March 24, 1984
CL: February 26, 1991

Before the departure of maknae Minzy (now 22), there was a nine-year gap between her and Park Bom! With her departure, the age gap is now only six years between next-youngest member CL and Park Bom. (The equally youthful-looking Sandara Park was born the same year as Park Bom, but a few months later.)

Girl’s Day

Sojin: May 21, 1986
Hyeri: June 9, 1994

Sojin, the oldest member and leader of the group, can say she is almost a decade older than maknae Hyeri. If you told me they were eight months apart, I wouldn’t believe it let alone eight years apart that they actually are!


Red Velvet

Irene: March 29, 1991
Yeri: March 5, 1999

Although they have similarly bubbly attitudes, Irene is already a quarter of century old, while Yeri isn’t even legally an adult in many countries!

miss A

Fei: April 27, 1987
Suzy: October 10, 1994

miss A symbolizes diversity in many ways and age is one of them! Oldest member Fei is approximately eight years older than maknae Suzy. This age gap is not apparent at all as fans adore them for their talents and poise.



Soohyun: March 11, 1989
Jun: January 22, 1997

U-KISS has had a fair amount of member changes since debut, so currently the age gap is between Soohyun and Jun with seven years between them. This isn’t an issue for them at all. Soohyun even states he loves the young ones!




Boram: March 22, 1986
Jiyeon: June 7, 1993

Similar to U-KISS, T-ara has experienced many member changes over the years but still has maintained a rather large age gap between the oldest and the youngest. Boram is seven years older than maknae Jiyeon.


Park Joon Hyung: July 20, 1969
Kim Tae Woo: May 12, 1981

One for those first generation fans! Park Joon Hyung, sometimes known as Ahjussi Joon, is 11 years older than Kim Tae Woo, sometimes known as the maknae who doesn’t look like the maknae. Do not let their ages fool you, for they are both members known for their playfulness and are known for their silly antics and always joking around!

These groups show that age is really just a number and teamwork comes in all shapes and sizes. Which ones shocked you? Let us know in the comments below!

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