Watch: “W” Shares Compilation Of Lee Jong Suk Clips From Script Reading To Filming Of Recent Episodes

The team behind MBC’s latest hit drama “W” has created a great compilation of behind-the-scenes clips of its male lead Lee Jong Suk, set to music from the show!

MBC describes the video as another version of the music video for Jung Joon Young’s song “Where Are U,” which was the first OST released by the show back in July.

The video begins with clips from “W”‘s script reading, before going on to reveal Lee Jong Suk behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the show’s promotional images.

We then get glimpses of Lee Jong Suk on set over the span of the filming of the episodes so far, including cute clips of him eating candy in a hospital bed, having fun practicing for a boxing scene, rehearsing his long lines, joking with the staff, breaking out into song in between takes, and much more.

Watch it here!

“W” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Watch the first episode below!