Watch: BTS’s V Stars In 3rd Part Of “WINGS” Short Film

BTS has released the third part of their “WINGS” short film!

On September 8 at midnight KST, BTS shared the third part of “WINGS,” entitled “STIGMA,” this time starring member V. The second part was titled “LIE” and starred Jimin, while the first part was “BEGIN” and starred Jungkook. The short films are teasers for the group’s upcoming second studio album comeback, and seems to be a continuation from their “Hwayangyeonhwa” album concept, except this time, the foundation of the story can be found in the novel “Demian” by Hermann Hesse. Many fans have been theorizing what all these scenes, words, and symbols found in the teasers can mean.

Bring on the theories, ARMY!