MADTOWN’s Jota Declines To Comment On Possibility Of Really Dating Kim Jin Kyung

MADTOWN member Jota is currently a rising star in variety, appearing in “Our Neighborhood Physical Arts and Education,” “Law of the Jungle,” and “We Got Married.”

In a recent interview, he talked about his newfound variety career. “If MADTOWN is a rainbow, I think I’m the color red, standing out at the front. As the team’s representative, I’m on variety a lot. Through variety, I hope to let people know about MADTOWN and MADTOWN’s music.”

His start wasn’t an easy one, though. “I didn’t even think that I would make it [on ‘We Got Married],” he said. “When they asked me about my dating experience, I could only say that I didn’t have much. I waited for a week but there wasn’t any reply, so I thought I was dropped.”

What was his first impression of his partner? “I didn’t have any thought at all,” he confessed. “I was surprised that she was a model, and then I was surprised that it was Kim Jin Kyung.”

He added, “I normally can’t talk to women very well. There are lots of older guys around me. I’m uncomfortable and unfamiliar dealing with girls and younger guys. The image you see of me on ‘We Got Married’ is how I really am.”

Does he ever get real-life flutters on set? “Sometimes I get confused,” he admitted. “I meet Jin Kyung about once every two weeks and it’s fun and exciting. Sometimes I suggest things I want to try to the producing director.”

He continued, “When filming ends, we tell each other that we worked hard. I was in Japan for a while so I couldn’t contact her.”

When asked if he would date her in real life, he just said, “No comment. That’s a very sensitive question.”

Then what is his ideal type? “I have to say Kim Jin Kyung, right? But honestly, the PD did a good job matching us together. I always liked tall and stylish women, just like Jin Kyung. I also like charming people with monolids.”

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