Lee Jong Suk Shares His Thoughts About “W” Ahead Of Finale

With MBC’s hit drama “W” slated to air its finale on September 14, star Lee Jong Suk has taken the chance to talk with fans about the show.

In the afternoon on September 12, Lee Jong Suk hosted a live broadcast on Naver’s V app. He says, “Chuseok is in a few days. I think I won’t be able to talk about my feelings about the finale when the drama finishes on September 14, so I’ve turned on V for the first time in a while.”

“Filming for ‘W’ finished yesterday,” he goes on to say. “Thank you for giving a lot of love to ‘W’ during this hot summer.”

Lee Jong Suk continues, “This show was harder than other dramas, but it was also a worthwhile work that was new for me personally. I think this drama will be the starting point for things to change a lot.”

He says that the director, staff, writer, and his fellow actors all worked very hard on the drama, and adds that he’s trying to finish a photo shoot quickly so that he can head to the cast and crew’s wrap party.

When asked about his future plans, Lee Jong Suk says he’s already planning for a new work, which he thinks will begin filming next month and will require him to gain a bit of weight.

You can watch his V app show here.

With only a short time until the finale, start a “W” marathon with the first episode below!

Update: This article has been corrected to reflect that Lee Jong Suk used the more vague term “work” and not “drama” to talk about his future plans. 

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