8 Things We Learned From “W”

This is it. The comic-themed drama “W” that we’ve come to love and adore is officially over.

That means there will be no more cute Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo scenes, no more cliffhanger endings, no more eye candy, and no more cool graphics.


What will we do on Wednesday and Thursday nights? Luckily for us, there are many things “W” has taught us that we can take with us forever.

Here they are (in no particular order).

1. It’s the little things that mean the most.

When Kang Cheol buys Oh Yeon Joo a dress at the market for 5,000 won, he feels bad because he wants to buy her an expensive dress, but he has no money. We all know that the gesture itself when he’s poor means so much more than when he was rich. It came from the heart. And we love him for it.

2. Be bold and take risks.

Sometimes it means saying “I love you” repeatedly to the man you love in order to get them to love you back. Even if it means throwing away your pride and experiencing utter embarrassment, it can be worth it in the end. In Oh Yeon Joo’s case, the third time was the charm.

That kiss though…

3. Even if you want to go back in time to change something, it won’t always turn out for the better.

Kang Cheol asks Oh Yeon Joo to erase his memory of her. He asks her to do this with the hopes that she can live her life like a normal person, outside of the comic world. What he doesn’t know is that no matter how many times he tried to go back in time to change the future, there were always problems. There was no such thing as a smooth and happy path.

4. The loyalty in friendship.

Kang Cheol’s best friend, right hand man, and body guard, Seo Do Yoon (played by Lee Tae Hwan), was loyal until the end. He never betrayed Cheol or let him down. He was willing to put his life on the line to protect him and even refused to tell anyone about Cheol’s whereabouts even while he was getting brutally tortured. True friendship goals.

Adorable, right?

5. Sometimes you can’t hide your true feelings.

Even when you say one thing, your body and heart may be trying to say something else.

We all knew what she really wanted.

6. Do your homework for the ones you love.

Kang Cheol was willing to do whatever he could to make Oh Yeon Joo happy. Even though he didn’t know much about being in a relationship, he bought a book and studied it. He wanted to make sure that he was doing everything he could for her. Even with this, he never expected anything in return.

7. Some things are just destined to be.

Even when Cheol loses his memory and forgets about Oh Yeon Joo completely, he still manages to meet her and fall in love with her all over again. No matter how much he tried to change the past to make her live a better life, they found their way back into each other’s lives. Cheol and Yeon Joo were destined to be and nothing was going to shake it.

8. The loving sacrifice from a parent.

Oh Yeon Joo’s father sacrificed his life for the happiness of his daughter. He left Yeon Joo’s life in the hands of Cheol in hopes that he would take care of her. Ultimately, Oh Yeon Joo didn’t get to live in a world with both her dad and Kang Cheol, but the love displayed by her father was just so selfless! Although the ending wasn’t the perfect happy ending we were hoping for, it did show how much Yeon Joo’s father cared about her.

What a heck of a ride!

Good-bye, W. For now.

If you haven’t started watching this drama, begin now below!

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