C-JeS Entertainment Sues Malicious Commenters Of Ryu Jun Yeol And JYJ’s Junsu

C-JeS Entertainment takes a strong stance against anyone who leaves malicious comments about any of its artists, including actor Ryu Jun Yeol and JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

On September 12, the agency stated that they have continously sued anyone who leaves harmful comments about its artists, and explains that they have done so once again this year. They report that they pressed charges in every main city, such as Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu; and Busan, with several of different agencies in addition to each city’s respective District Prosecutor’s Office.

In particular, there were many baseless rumors and rash, malicious comments that personally attacked Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Junsu earlier this year.

They state that they are suing for aggressive insults, the spread of falsities, and defamation of their artists. C-Jes Entertainment further explains that while the suspects appealed their case for a favorable outcome and expressed a sense of guilt once confronted during their investigations, their actions are still unforgivable.

They conclude, “We want to inform the suspects who have received a summons and are currently undergoing investigation due to our lawsuit that ‘even if you plead for a favorable outcome, we’re strongly stating that there will be no settlements nor leniency.'”

What are your thoughts on C-JeS Entertainment’s actions?

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