Watch: GFRIEND Takes You Behind The Scenes Of “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

After the exciting results from the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” GFRIEND updated their official YouTube channel with a fun behind-the-scenes look during the filming!


GFRIEND’s beagle-ness is ever present in the video, from Eunha and SinB hiding in side by side closets to showing Umji as she practices for the archery competition- and accidentally “shooting” Yerin in the heart!


The video also shows GFRIEND as they directly go into the stands to pass out drinks to their fans who came out to support them. The lucky fans were also able to have a quick conversation with the girls as they encouraged them before their big race.


After the race, the girls made sure to thank the fans again, waving happily to them and even doing a quick performance for them next to the tracks.

Check out the fun video below!

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