Watch: BTOB Dons Fabulous Costumes Once More At “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

You can always count on BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang to bring fun and laughter with them everywhere they go.

During the archery portion of the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” the two idols bring out the costumes once again to make a memorable statement.

Back in February, Yook Sungjae and Eunkwang caused the entire stadium to break out into laughter when they dressed up as Jumong and his loving stead. Some of their fellow idols even played along as VIXX’s N and BTS’s Jimin tried to ride “Eunkwang the horse.”

Yook Sungjae Eunkwang

This time, they parody two characters who are known for their archery skills once again. Yook Sungjae looks stoically majestic as he strides in as Legolas from “Lord of the Rings,” while Eunkwang flits and flutters around as an adorable cupid.

When asked to explain their costume, Eunkwang instead breaks out into song, telling everyone “you were born to be loved,” before shooting hearts at the audience.


Staying in character, Yook Sungjae tries to take on a heavy accent, while he explains, “Korea is so good at archery, I came to learn.” He also gives a shoutout to Olympic medalist Ki Bo Bae, complete with a heart and a wink. Yook SUngjae

Watch their fabulous entrance below!

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