Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Transform Into TWICE Members To Perform “Cheer Up”

For its September 17 episode, “We Got Married” holds a Chuseok special that consists of a competition between the four couples of the show.

For the third part of the competition, the couples prepare duets to perform in front of the judges.

For their performance, SamSam Couple starts off with their backs turned and wearing trench coats. But as soon as TWICE’s “Cheer Up” comes on, they throw the coats off to reveal their cheerleader gear.

Jota looks quite fabulous in his wig and skirt as he shyly but diligently tries not to miss a step while following his virtual wife’s lead.

Following the performance, judge Sung Si Kyung comments jokingly, “If Jin Kyung wasn’t on stage, it would have been a very dirty performance. If she didn’t smoothen it out, it would have been very terrifying.”

Eric Nam also compliments Kim Jin Kyung, saying, “I didn’t know that Jin Kyung was so good at singing.”

MADTOWN Jota Kim Jin Kyung

Did you enjoy SamSam couple’s performance?

Watch the full episode of “We Got Married” on Viki below!