Watch: Lee Kwang Soo Scares Song Ji Hyo So Badly She Swears At Him On “Running Man”

On September 18’s episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo is so freaked out by the spooky atmosphere on set that she ends up swearing at fellow cast member Lee Kwang Soo when he tries to play a prank on her!

In this episode, each of the cast members are brought into a dressing room on their own, where they’re told to fill out a survey about “Running Man.” But as they quietly write down their answers, a painting falls down off the wall. Once they’ve recovered from the shock, water falls down on their head from the ceiling.

Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo are up first, and they’re both shocked by the sudden incidents. However Song Ji Hyo’s reactions to the surprises are by far the most dramatic!

When the painting falls, she screams and runs off the sofa. She then looks around cautiously and says, “There’s something weird about this room!”

song ji hyo 1

When she sits back down again she checks to make sure that there’s nothing about to jump out at her from beneath the sofa, and then sits cross-legged just in case. When the water drops on her, she reacts more calmly and goes to get a tissue, but quickly finishes up the survey so she can leave.

song ji hyo 2

When she’s told to exit through a door, she gets suspicious and turns back to look at the crew before she opens it. “It’s just a door,” one of the staff members tells her.

song ji hyo 3

However, the guys who have already gone through the experience and are waiting in the room next door have other plans. Ji Suk Jin asks the others, “Would Song Ji Hyo be surprised if someone yelled when she opens the door?”

The guys laugh as they bet that Song Ji Hyo would hit Lee Kwang Soo if he tried to do that, and Yoo Jae Suk adds, “I bet she’d swear while she hit him.”

running man 1

So naturally, they have to give it a shot. Lee Kwang Soo stands behind the door, and when Song Ji Hyo opens it (still clearly on edge from the previous room) and stares inside, the other guys distract her with questions.

running man 2

Lee Kwang Soo then comes up from behind her and yells in her ear, causing her to scream and swear at him. The show bleeps out her swearing, but everyone cracks up at her outburst, and she laughs and looks shocked by her own reaction.

running man 3

Watch the scene below!

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