Dal Shabet Members Take On Different Careers For 2nd Set Of “Fri.Sat.Sun” Teasers

Dal Shabet is releasing their second set of teasers for their 10th mini album – “FRI.SAT.SUN” – comeback!

Following the first set of teasers, Dal Shabet is unveiling individual member images and so far the images for Subin, Serri, and Woohee have been released. The solo images show each member with different professions – Subin as a photographer, Serri as a designer, and Woohee as a barista.

dal shabet fri sat sun serri
dal shabet fri sat sun woohee

“FRI.SAT.SUN” is described as a track talking about how everyday life is so busy and to look forward to the weekend. It is composed by Shinsadong Tiger.

Dal Shabet will officially release “FRI.SAT.SUN” on September 29 at 12 a.m. KST.

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