Tiger JK Reveals Plans For Drunken Tiger’s Comeback With New Album

Tiger JK recently announced his plans for Drunken Tiger to make a comeback with a ninth album. When asked how it would be different from MFBTY’s music, Tiger JK responded that outside songwriters would actively be collaborating for the new album.

The rapper released the news on his personal social media account, saying, “This is Tiger JK, who has continuously been making hip-hop music. The work progress for Drunken Tiger’s new album has started.”

Sources of Tiger JK also stated, “Tiger JK has fully committed and devoted himself since the beginning of the album’s work. The release date for the album is undecided.”

After creating his label Feel Ghood Music, Tiger JK has been promoting under the name MFBTY alongside Yoon Mirae and BIZZY. Tiger JK debuted as Drunken Tiger with DJ Shine in 1999 and made waves as one of Korea’s first successful hip-hop groups.

Recently the label signed on rapper Junoflo, who was a contestant on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 5.”

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