Shortly after midnight on September 23, B1A4 member Sandeul announced via the group’s fan cafe that he will soon be making his solo debut!

He writes as a post on their fan cafe, “I will be releasing a solo album soon. Are you really surprised? To be honest, I wanted to share the news of my solo album release with BANA first.”

He says that lately he’s really been wanting to tell everyone, and that his fans seemed to be getting curious about the posts he’s been making on social media. “I hope that you’ll all be happy about the news,” he says.

“I worried a lot because this is my first release on my own, but I hope that BANA will like it,” Sandeul adds, and says it’s strange to be promoting without the other members. “I want to share the songs with you very soon. Just wait a bit more.”

Sandeul is the first member of B1A4 to make a solo debut. Are you excited to hear what Sandeul has in store as a solo artist?

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