Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Hits The Mark With Her Sexy And Powerful Performance

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has been wowing viewers with her performances on “Hit The Stage,” and in the most recent episode (SPOILER), she took the crown with an amazing interpretation of a strong woman for the “The Fight” themed episode. Hyoyeon is firmly establishing herself in the public’s eye not just as a member of Girls’ Generation, but a dancer in her own right.

In an interview the following day after the broadcast of the episode,  Hyoyeon commented, “Previously, I showed a range of dance genres, and this time, I wanted to show a strong and sexy woman.”

“I worried a lot about what kind of choreography would show my style, and I’m so thankful that many people connected with my performance which I worked really hard on,” said Hyoyeon, showing her passion and commitment for the craft and happiness in winning.

Check out her performance with mixXhoney below or watch all of the stages from the show here.

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