Lady Jane Opens Up About Her Friendship With Ex-Boyfriend Simon D

The September 22 episode of the KBS2 variety show “Happy Together” features exciting conversations between the interesting ladies of Jung Hye Sung, Lady Jane, Yoo So Young, Sun Woo Sun and Jung Da Eun!

The episode starts off with a bang with Lady Jane. She protests at first, saying, “Didn’t we say that we weren’t going to talk about that person?” when talk started to lead towards her ex-boyfriend, rapper Simon D. She continues, “We’re friends now. But that doesn’t mean we’re at the stage where we can just text each other comfortably and say, ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘You wanna watch a movie?'”

She also shares about public relationships, saying, “If someone I know says that they are going to be in a public relationship, I will pack a lunch and follow them around, trying to dissuade them. The moment it becomes public, your name will always be linked to the other person’s on any news articles.”

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