Soyou Says SISTAR’s Dorm Almost Burned Down While They Cooked Dumplings

During the September 24 episode of SBS’s “Three Great Emperors,” SISTAR’s Soyou shares a scary accident that occurred once when all four members used to live together.

She starts off by explaining that Hyorin wasn’t the best of cooks back then, and was pan-frying dumplings at the time. There were increasingly strong fumes of smoke coming from the kitchen, but the other three members just thought it was Hyorin burning the food.

Soyou 2

However, the dumplings appeared to be fine, but the smoke started materializing and getting thicker. Soyou reveals, “You know the oven below the stove? I think it was me who accidentally hit it [and turned it on], maybe with my stomach or thigh. There were papers and things like that in there but it all caught on fire.”

Looking back, the idol also says, “At that time, we realized, ‘All four of us are definitely different.’ When the fire happened, Dasom ran to the window and screamed, saying things like, ‘It’s a fire!’ and ‘Save us please!’ Hyorin took our her phone and filmed the fire while Bora and I frantically threw water at the fire,” and explains their different reactions.

How would you react to a similar situation?

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