Moon Geun Young Cracks Lee Kwang Soo Up With Her Candid Confession On “Running Man”

Moon Geun Young reveals she wants to date more on “Running Man”!

On the September 25 broadcast of the SBS show, Lee Kwang Soo gives the actress a call.

During the episode, Lee Kwang Soo looks up “Lee Kwang Soo ideal type” on the Internet to find out who has chosen him as their ideal type as part of his mission. The names that come up include Moon Geun Young, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji, Cosmic Girls members, model Kang Seung Hyun, After School’s UEE, and Secret’s Song Ji Eun.

When he contacts Moon Geun Young, he asks, “Do you remember choosing me as your ideal type before?” Surprised by the question, the actress laughs and says, “It’s not like that. Doesn’t an ideal type always change?”

She then suddenly reveals, “Now I’m willing to try dating anyone once.” Lee Kwang Soo laughs and reminds her that they’re filming, and then asks her to clarify what she means. Moon Geun Young replies by saying, “I just want to date a lot.”

After hanging up, Lee Kwang Soo jokes, “I think Moon Geun Young is a little drunk.”

Watch the episode below!

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