Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Thanks Fans For Support Following Marriage Announcement

Following the news of Brown Eyed Girls’ member Narsha’s upcoming marriage, she took to her personal social media account to thank the fans for their support.

On September 29, Narsha uploaded a long message on her Instagram account (@narsha81) that thanks fans for their heartwarming messages of congratulations.

She wrote, “I’m writing a second message ^^ I am receiving so many congratulations from people that I don’t know what to do with myself. Thank you so much. On one part, it does seem like people are telling me to hurry up and get married.. haha ^^ I feel responsible for being the first Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) member to get married. (Off the record.. our CEO said: your team is really flashy these days..) And so now, you can silently pressure the other members.. ^^ I want to thank our parents who have given their blessings for us to go just the two of us on this very important day. We will go to that place and feel the weather and air and love and return to Korea and hold tight to the hands of our parents and just as they told us, we promise to care for each other and live happily.”

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Fellow Brown Eyed Girls member Jea also took to her Instagram account (@jeaworld) to congratulate Narsha, saying, “The first marriage in BEG �de42 Tada! Big congrats Narsha. For the next hundred, thousand years, let’s keep singing.”

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