Ga In And Seo In Young Swept Up In Controversy Following “Radio Star” Appearance

After their appearance on the MBC variety show “Radio Star,” Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In and singer Seo In Young have found themselves embroiled in a controversy.

On the September 28 episode of the show, Ga In had brought up an instance from the past when Seo In Young had referred to fellow Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha informally, without the use of honorifics, despite being younger than Narsha.

The controversy, however, stemmed not only from that past incident but from Seo In Young’s reaction on the show when Ga In recalled the story. After Ga In had told the story, Seo In Young expressed her annoyance at the story and tapped Ga In casually on the chin.


Netizens expressed their discomfort with her behavior, saying that it was disrespectful, both to Narsha and to Ga In on the show. Afterwards, Seo In Young took to her personal Instagram (@seoinza) to write a lengthy post defending her actions. She wrote, “No matter what you may view me as, I think it is important to know the facts. I want to live honestly. I hate people who are fake. I’ve never tried to make an image in order to make myself look better. I’m just me.”

The PD for “Radio Star” also spoke to reporters, saying, “During the recording, there wasn’t any problem. We knew that the two had a good senior-junior relationship and it was like that during the recording. When Seo In Young tapped Ga In on the face, it was just her showing affection and Ga In received as such. It’s just something to laugh over.”

Ga In’s agency Mystic Entertainment also spoke with reporters on the phone and repeated similar sentiments, saying, “We’re not sure if Ga In has read Seo In Young’s post. It was a personal post that held Seo In Young’s personal opinions and we don’t feel it is the agency’s position to say anything else.”

Seo In Young later added more to her Instagram post, asking if it were fair for her as the senior to be receiving such treatment from the junior. She wrote that Ga In acted differently in front of the camera than she had been before they started recording the show and reiterated her discomfort at the treatment she had received following the broadcast.

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