Watch: Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao Shows Off Her Regular Stretching Routine

Girl group Cosmic Girls member Cheng Xiao took some time to chat with MBC’s “Section TV” and showed how she prepared for her incredible rhythmic gymnastics routine that won her the gold at the “2016 Idol Star Athletic Championship“!

On October 2, Cheng Xiao sat down with Park Seul Gi for an interview. When asked which part of her body she is the most and least confident about, she answered, “The part I am most confident about is my eyes and my complex is my legs.”

She continued, “When I was doing gymnastics, I had a lot of muscles on my legs. So now even though I diet like crazy, my legs don’t lose weight. It’s a concern of mine. But these days, people tell me to not lose weight, so I like that.”

She also talked about some of her favorite things, saying, “My favorite season is autumn and I like the color sky blue. My favorite food is chicken and favorite class subject is English. My favorite singer is SISTAR and favorite actor is Lee Min Ho.”

See her interview below and also check out how she does her regular stretching routine!

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