Rapper E-Sens Released From Prison After Serving Time For Marijuana Use

After serving one year and six months in jail, rapper E-Sens was released today, October 3.

In early 2015, the Seoul Western District Court sentenced E-Sens to one year and six months in jail and a 550,000 won fee (approximately $478 at that time) at the verdict hearing for his marijuana usage.

E-Sens had admitted to charges of marijuana use while still on probation for the same crime. Previously, he had been charged twice for drug use.

According to sources close to E-Sens, the rapper will be staying in the city of Daegu after his release and currently has no plans for music promotions.

After mainly performing in the underground community, E-Sens debuted as part of the hip-hop duo Supreme Team in 2009. He went solo in 2013. While serving time, E-Sens released the album “The Anecdote,” which won both Album of the Year and Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album at the 2016 Korean Music Awards.

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