BTS Unveils Concept Photos For Jin And Group (And They Were Worth The Wait)

BTS’s Jin is the final member to feature in individual concept photos for their comeback!

On October 4 at midnight KST, BTS gave the latest glimpse of the concept for their return with gorgeous photos of Jin and two photos of the whole group. There are also special photos of different pairings of the members. They previously released three sets of concept photos, featuring the pairs Jungkook and Rap MonsterJimin and Suga, and J-Hope and V.

Bask in the beauty below!

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BTS wings concept photos 4 BTS wings concept photos 3 BTS wings concept photos 2 BTS wings concept photos 1In addition, the group has been gearing up for their comeback with their second full album “WINGS” by releasing short films of each member and a comeback trailer entitled “Boy Meets Evil.” Watch all the short films here: Jungkook’s “BEGIN,” Jimin’s “LIE,” V’s “STIGMA,” Suga’s “FIRST LOVE,” Rap Monster’s “REFLECTION,” J-Hope’s “MAMA,” and Jin’s “AWAKE.”

“WINGS” will be released on October 10. Are you ready for a comeback from BTS?