Watch: Park Kyung’s Driving Makes Kim Ji Suk Crazy On Their First Episode Of “Celebrity Bromance”

October 4’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance” is our first look at the bro-adventure of Block B member Park Kyung and actor Kim Ji Suk!

Park Kyung and Kim Ji Suk currently star together on the variety show “Problematic Men,” and Kim Ji Suk says in their first episode of “Celebrity Bromance” that Park Kyung is unique to him, as he is both his only idol friend and also the only friend of his that was born in the 1990s. “He’s also my shortest friend,” he jokes.

Park Kyung shares that Kim Ji Suk was the most unfriendly member of the cast when he first met him, and would just go back to his dressing room whenever the director yelled “cut.” He jokes that this made him want to be friends with him even more, and so he’d contact him a lot and ask him to get a beer together.

When Park Kyung arrives late to their meeting location, they tease each other a bit, with Kim Ji Suk complaining about how Park Kyung’s got so much makeup on. Park Kyung then suggests that they go “glam-ping,” a luxury version of camping.

Kim Ji Suk insists that Park Kyung drive, but when they’re headed to go camping, Park Kyung keeps slamming on the brakes by accident. “This car is really weird!” says Park Kyung, and then Kim Ji Suk realizes he’s doing it because the soles on his shoes are so high that he can’t get a proper feel on the brake.

Kim Ji Suk gets frustrated every time Park Kyung hits the brake by accident, as Park Kyung laughs. “Just take off your right shoe! You’re sitting right now, you don’t have to worry about your height!” yells Kim Ji Suk, and keeps grabbing at his seatbelt in frustration. “There’s nothing wrong with being 158 centimeters tall!” he says, which cracks up Park Kyung.

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!