Tony Ahn Gives Jeong Jinwoon Public Dating Advice

On the October 4 episode of “Let’s Meet Up At 8 p.m.” 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon gets teased all around about going public with his relationship with Wonder Girls member Yeeun.

During the show, Tony Ahn is asked to give Jeong Jinwoon advice on being in a public relationship with another celebrity since he has some experience himself (having dated Girl’s Day’s Hyeri a few years ago).

Tony Ahn begins by clarifying, “I never went public with my relationship; it just became public.”

He continues, “Honestly for me, if the relationship becomes public, I think a lot of things become uncomfortable because before then, you didn’t mind the gaze of those around you. But once [the relationship] becomes public, people are up front about looking at you. I found that those things do cause discomfort.”

“There’s going to be a lot of talk around you, but don’t worry yourself too much about what [people are saying], and I hope you can enjoy a lovey-dovey love.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Jinwoon and Yeeun confirmed that they have been dating for almost three years following news of their relationship.

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